Morse Watchmans Demonstrates New Key Management Solutions.

Upgraded Features and New Designs Highlight Innovative Product Lineup Additions Showcased at ISC West 2010.Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) – Morse Watchmans, the security industry’s premier manufacturer of key control solutions, will exhibit its leading key management, asset control and guard tour solutions at this week’s ISC West. Also on display will be the newest additions to the product lineup including a six-module horizontal cabinet, a locker module half the depth of the standard locker and several functionality upgrades for the KeyWatcher® system.

“Keeping keys and other valuables safe is an essential element in an organization’s overall security strategy,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “At ISC West, we will demonstrate how key management, asset control and guard tour solutions from Morse Watchmans can help organizations implement an efficient and effective program to lessen their vulnerability in keeping their premises and property protected.” New to the product lineup and showcased at ISC West are the following:

The new six-module horizontal KeyWatcher system features a unique orientation (horizontal vs. vertical) of the standard six module system which allows users more flexibility in mounting options, such as under cabinets or on counter tops. It is designed with complete flexibility to integrate with all standard KeyWatcher modules as well as with six, eight and 16 location SmartKey® modules, the Card/Credit Card modules and the single or dual Locker modules.

The Single Locker Module is an addition to Morse Watchmans’ successful line of SmartKey Locker solutions for storing valuable objects. Designed with a smaller footprint – half the depth of the standard locker – it can be used in a standard modular KeyWatcher system for holding documents, CDs, weapons, cell phones, etc. The new Single Locker Module can be set up as a personal storage space for one or multiple users and is engineered for complete interactivity with other business systems such as access control.

Implemented in KeyWatcher cabinets on display at the Morse Watchmans’ booth at ISC West are several new upgraded features that extend the functionality of the high performance systems. Upgrades include the ability to adjust the previously fixed door timers; enhanced reservations that may now be made for 10 days instead of up to 24 hours; a reorganized menu for improved ease of use; and an optimized database capability to enhance auditing and monitoring activities.

Also on display are the Company’s Key-Pro™ Software, KeyBank®, Key-Rings®, PowerCheck® Guard Tour System and Tour-Pro™ Data Sorting Software.