Morse Watchmans Introduces New Addition To SmartKey® Locker Portfolio.

Smaller Size Delivers Added Flexibility in Design Configurations.Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) – Delivering new capabilities for securing, tracking and controlling valuable items, Morse Watchmans today introduced the new SmartKey Locker Module as an addition to its successful line of SmartKey® Locker solutions for storing valuable objects. The SmartKey Locker Module is designed with a smaller footprint – half the depth of the standard locker – and can be used in any of the modular KeyWatcher® systems for holding documents, CDs, weapons, cell phones, etc.

“Our success and reputation in the industry is based on the high performance, innovative, and flexible design solutions we offer that are unrivaled in the industry,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “The new SmartKey Locker module and its smaller size illustrate this by providing users the ability to configure a KeyWatcher to their exact needs.”

Managing access to valuable objects as efficiently as managing keys, the new single locker module can be set up as a personal storage space for one or multiple users. SmartKey Locker Systems are also engineered for complete interactivity with other business systems such as access control. This allows managers to monitor the system; for example, e-mail alerts can inform management if someone tries to leave a building without returning an object taken from a SmartKey Locker. The system has a built-in RS-232 communications port for direct connectivity to printers or other devices, or networked connectivity via Ethernet.

The new SmartKey Locker system can be controlled by a single console and monitored by the Key-Pro™ software, a PC application that lets system managers establish permission levels for various User Codes and monitor data from any desktop connected to a network.