Morse Watchmans ISC West Exhibit Focuses on Innovations in Key Control Technology

Las Vegas, NV (March 28, 2012) – New product innovations in Morse Watchmans’ line of key control and asset management systems are headlining the company’s exhibit at ISC West 2012. Features such as the time-saving KeyAnywhere and KeyFind capability as well as a professional-grade touch screen LCD are highlights of the new KeyWatcher® Touch system, while design and network flexibility are featured in both the KeyWatcher Illuminated and KeyWatcher Touch systems.

“Our exhibit this year at ISC West shows our technology leadership and where we are headed in integrating key control and asset management systems within the overall physical security systems platform,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “These innovations, along with our full suite of key control and asset management solutions, position Morse Watchmans as the go-to solution for facilities of all sizes.”

The new KeyWatcher Touch system features several industry firsts including integration of up to 10 locations and common usage of database and programming. Other firsts include the time-saving KeyAnywhere capability that allows the return of a key to any KeyWatcher Touch cabinet in the enterprise and the KeyFind feature that quickly enables administrators to locate which KeyWatcher Touch a specific key is in, or determine who has it out.

Complementing KeyWatcher Touch is the KeyWatcher True Touch software package. The managing software runs all programming, remote functions and reports for up to 10 KeyWatcher Touch locations while the server performs all synchronizations of transactions as well as maintaining the SQL database. Both access control systems and customized client control software interface with the server application.

Additional featured products include the KeyWatcher Illuminated key control system, which can be configured with a variety of modules, and customized to specific user needs. In addition to several differently configured key modules, available modules include the credit/access card module and the single and dual locker modules which can be used in any KeyWatcher system for holding small valuable items.