Morse Watchmans Showcases Core Lineup of Products at ASIS 2008.

Powerful Program Supported by Over a Century of Experience.Atlanta, GA (September 15, 2008) – Providing industry professionals with quality products backed by innovative design and technology has been Morse Watchmans’ philosophy for over 100 years. This year at ASIS, Morse Watchmans is showcasing the new level of system integration functionality and IP connectivity intelligence that is built into its product lineup.

“We continue to build upon our proven history of reliable, durable and innovative products,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “We have worked to create a product portfolio that reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of security technology. The engineering that has gone into our advanced access control and key management products has driven the success of our ‘think inside the box’ campaign.”

Data management has also moved forward with Morse Watchmans’ KeyPro Management Software. The most recent upgrade to the software on display at ASIS provides the capability to send priority email alerts to security managers, keeping them informed of the whereabouts of Smart Keys. In addition, KeyPro’s Scheduler automatically downloads all data to a secure PC, allowing system managers to sort and analyze information to maintain maximum control of access and security issues.

Morse Watchmans’ powerful PowerCheck® Guard Tour System is another example of their innovative design and functionality capabilities. The hand-held data recorders, which guards use to check into key stations while on rounds, allow the guards to input building safety information directly to the recorder while on-site rather than filling out paper work at the end of the tour. In addition, the Auto Pilot feature prompts guards to visit the next station, and it can be programmed for random tour sequences for added security measures.

The PowerCheck Guard Tour System also includes the Tour-Pro™ Data Sorting Software which converts the data recorder information into custom reports. Developed by Morse Watchmans, the software also allows for programming the data recorder and managing files.

Delivering a complete integrated access control solution, Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher® provides a Smart Key locking mechanism with built-in memory chip for each individual key; data from the chip is stored when a key is inserted into a key slot. Illuminated key storage simplifies the identification and location of the correct key, while the Random Key Return feature enables users to return keys back to any open location within the cabinet. The system can send priority email alerts to security managers regarding removal or return of Smart Keys.

Modular in design and fully scalable, KeyWatcher has a built-in key pad and can also be integrated with various access control methods such as biometric fingerprint readers and magnetic or proximity card readers. The system can accommodate up to 2000 codes with PINs (personal identification numbers).