Morse Watchmans Targets Key Control and Accountability with Versatile KeyWatcher® System

Fully Featured System Goes Beyond Key Control

Orlando, FL (September 19, 2011) – KeyWatcher® from Morse Watchmans, on display here at ASIS 2011, is a full-featured key management and control system that helps enable facility management to provide a safer and more secure environment for building occupants and visitors. With the KeyWatcher system, only pre-authorized users can access keys from the tamper-resistant cabinet and all transactions are recorded so that management has an audit trail of who accessed which key and when.

“Our KeyWatcher systems are deployed in thousands of locations from universities to car dealerships to hotels and even on cruise ships,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “No matter the application, key control and management systems have proven to be an integral component of a comprehensive security system.”

KeyWatcher systems are engineered for complete interactivity with other business systems such as access control, to enable a layered security strategy. For example, e-mail alerts can inform management if someone tries to leave a building without returning a key or object taken from the cabinet. The system has a built-in RS-232 communications port for direct connectivity to printers or other devices, or networked connectivity via Ethernet.

Also delivering an added layer of security is the optional Remote Box, designed to meet special needs of high security environments such as correctional facilities and casinos. Unique in the industry, the Remote Box requires that a second individual’s PIN be entered and verified in the system in order for an authorized employee to access a KeyWatcher cabinet.

The fully scalable KeyWatcher system provides maximum storage over minimal wall space, and its modular design allows users to configure each unit to meet the specific needs of their application. A number of different modules are available, including credit card holders and lockers for cellular phones, weapons or other items that need to be accounted for and secured when not in use.