Airport Key Access Control

Morse Watchmans offers the best in airport key access control, helping you secure and monitor entry to repair, maintenance, and other facilities, as well as the critical assets housed in these locations. The KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch airport key control systems can be used to hold keys needed for access to sensitive areas of an airport, including ramps, operational spaces, and other security identification display areas (SIDA) restricted from the general public. These security systems also serve as a fleet management solution for airport shuttle services and ground staff.

Streamlined Airport Key Control Implementation & Reporting
Our airport key control solutions let administrators establish system-wide access privileges for personnel, individual keys, or work shifts in question. Supervisors or authorized staff can enable customizable email and SMS1 alerts on select systems to let them know when a key becomes overdue, if an alarm is triggered, and more. These key security systems let you audit the current status and transaction history of any key(s) on demand. You can also generate scheduled reports on current/past key or user transactions for reporting or internal purposes.

Airport Key Access Control Systems Secure More Than Just Keys
With Morse’s key control systems, you get a modular, scalable solution ideal for securing keys, weapons, and handheld devices that must be properly accounted for beyond security checkpoints. SmartKey Lockers provide employees with additional options for securing tools, laptops, and other larger valuables. Bigger facilities can also look to KeyBank or KeyBank Touch to streamline the management of hundreds or thousands of keys.

Case Study: United Airlines Jet Rebuild and Test Facility Keeps Track of Valuable Tools with Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher® System – read more.

Airport Security Guard Tour Systems Help Cut Losses and Improve Accountability
Utilize our PowerCheck guard tour systems to help curb accidents, theft and other losses at your facility. These all-in-one data recorders offer a powerful and easy-to-use tool to help ensure restricted areas and assets are being monitored properly, as well as corresponding documentation.

1 SMS alerts available for KeyWatcher Touch only.