Fleet Key Management

Your vehicle fleet or motor pool may include hundreds – even thousands – of vehicles, each with at least one or more physical keys. Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher fleet key management systems help regulate and track vehicle usage while containing operational costs. Our key control systems protect all fleet keys and give you full visibility regarding who has which key, and which vehicle, at any time.

Case Study: Cincinnati’s Metropolitan Sewer District Relies on KeyWatcher® for Fleet Management – read more.

Fleet Key Management Systems Offer Convenience & Speed
Our fleet key management systems provide information on specific key returns and removals. Users can select from a list of notes pre-set by you and add their comments using the keyboard. Get keys in the hands of employees even faster with the quick release feature. A group release option lets you rotate group keys so your vehicles get equal use. Easy set-up lets key users either return keys to any KeyWatcher in the system or return keys to their original location.

Vehicle Key Management Systems Help Eliminate Avoidable Costs
Vehicle fleet keys are often an expensive replacement. Make it easy to find the specific key needed and limit loss with a vehicle key management system. Keys for specific fleet groups can be grouped on tamper-proof key rings and an audit trail will ensure that the last person to take out any keys can be identified. Unlike traditional key boxes that are often only a locked metal or wooden box, our key cabinets are constructed of high-gauge steel with polycarbonate windows that resist vandalism.

Simplified Fleet Key Control for Outside Contractors
Keep accountability even when it’s not your employees accessing the keys. With a wide variety of sizes, including eight-key systems, you can provide contractors with credentials to access a specific cabinet and make sure keys stay where they belong. The savings more than cover the cost of the systems, and knowing your keys are safe is priceless.

Real-Time Fleet Key Scheduling & Availability
Use scheduling to ensure that older cars continue to get driven even when new cars are added to the fleet. Key reservations guarantee that multi-seat vehicles will be available when needed for large numbers of passengers and won’t already be in use by a smaller group. Fleet key management software is available to optimize the installation, programming, customization, maintenance, and reporting capabilities of the system.

We keep making fleet key management better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.