Key Control System Product Spec Sheets

The section below offers a variety of PDFs with specifications and details about their corresponding key control system. First, find the key control system that best suits your needs, then download the different spec sheets to get more information.

KeyWatcher Touch Control System

KeyWatcher Key Control System

The KeyWatcher is Morse Watchmans’ flagship product and is completely customizable. View the module and configuration for corresponding specifications.

SmartKey Security Locker Storage

The SmartKey Security Locker can store laptops, cash trays and more. View the different locker sizes.

KeyBank Mass Key Management
The KeyBank key storage system is known for its ability to keep mass amounts of keys. View the different module sizes to see how varying amounts of keys fit.

PowerCheck Guard Tour System

Our guard tour system is designed to ensure optimal performance for your security guards. View the specifications for this system.

Tamper Proof KeyRings

Our tamper-proof key rings use HUB technology to save money and reduce costs. View the varying size rings that fit mass quantities of keys.