KeyBank® Touch: Touch Screen Key Access Control System

Now get touchscreen convenience with KeyBank key access control system, the safer, more secure way to manage keys. The bright 7″ touchscreen key organizer system gives you an easier-to-use interface, and we made KeyBank Touch even more capable. The new KeyAnywhere feature enables you to return a key to any key storage system in your enterprise. You can also locate which KeyBank a specific key is in, or determine who has it out, with the new KeyFind feature. We’ve also improved integration capabilities, along with many other convenient features. Of course you still get our patented SmartKey system, modular design and full scalability. We just keep making key management better.

Greater Ease of Use

  • Easy to read, large buttons for convenient navigation
  • Status bar shows guides users on what to do, and shows what is happening

More Capacity and Control

  • Up to 18,000 keys and 10,000 users per site
  • “Site” concept uses a common database
  • Longer user ID’s can be up to any 6 digits, plus a 4 digit PIN

KeyBank Touch Sales Sheet

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