Morse Watchmans Corporate Video
Morse Watchmans Products:
  • KeyWatcher®

    Utilizing locking locations, KeyWatcher makes tracking your company keys simple with its computerized storage box and sophisticated Smart Keys.

  • KeyWatcher Touch

    KeyAnywhere for key return to any KeyWatcher Touch in enterprise.

  • KeyBank®

    Boasting multiple configurations, KeyBank key management systems are expandable to handle thousands of keys.

  • KeyBank®Touch

    Now get touchscreen convenience with KeyBank, the safer, more secure way to manage keys.

  • SmartKey® Locker Systems

    SmartKey Locker systems are the solution for securing, controlling and tracking larger objects.

  • Powercheck®

    As our next generation of Guard Tour systems, PowerCheck is sleeker and lighter. With more tour capabilities and reporting options, it takes the guard tour systems to a new level.

  • KeyRings®

    Key-Rings are a “no tools needed” key ring solution. Use them in conjunction with your KeyWatcher, or as an organized stand-alone solution for keeping multiple keys together.

  • SmartKey Reader®

    Morse’s SmartKey Reader® lets you manage keys for your Touch system more quickly and efficiently than ever before.