Key Control and the Cost of Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever lost or had your wallet stolen, you know the feeling of panic it can cause. All of your identification gone – driver’s license, credit cards – as well as any money and/or personal items, and all very likely in the hands of someone who has no intention of returning any of it. You’re now faced with cancelling all your cards, re-applying for your license and dealing with the consequences of any bogus charges made in your name. It’s a costly situation both in time and financially. Continue reading

Centralized Key Control Makes Sense in a School Environment

The makeup of a university campus is not unlike that of a small town. As in a small town, multiple diverse buildings and green spaces are distributed throughout a defined geographic area. For the campus, these would include housing, administrative/office buildings, resource centers (i.e. library, medical facility, classrooms, religious centers, etc.), maintenance buildings, police services, retail (cafeteria, book store) and more. A university campus has all the same resources, if not the budget, as a small town has for safety and security. Further, because a campus is not an open environment, the school can even be more advanced in their operations and use of technology when pursuing a safer environment. Continue reading