SMBs Poised for Benefits of Key Control Integration

Recent reports indicate the slow but ongoing economic recovery is being sustained with lower unemployment numbers, stronger consumer spending and an upward trend in housing construction. All of this bodes well for owners of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) who may be looking to implement operational upgrades or add new technology solutions that were put off because of the uncertainty in the marketplace. Continue reading

Protecting Our Nation’s Treasures with Automated Key Control Systems

The American countryside is filled with historic sites and points of interest that tell the history of the nation and people. Whether it’s George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon, the Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin Estate in Wisconsin or the Mission churches along the California coast, these sites typically contain priceless artifacts that must be kept under lock and key. In many of these locations, an automated key control and management system helps site officials maintain the safekeeping of the items and to track who had access to the keys that protect them. Continue reading